Our company ( originally " Zhuhai Datang electronics co., ltd" ) continues to develop and expands, due to the development needs of the company, March 2, 2016, the original " Zhuhai Datang electronics co., ltd" officially renamed Zhuhai da electrical co., ltd. The following statement will be made regarding the renaming matters:

1. the original companys official seal, business chapter, newspaper jiazhang and caiwuzhang will cease to be used since April 8, 2016;

2. after the company has been renamed, the company address, contact telephone and fax are protected unchanged.

The change of company name does not affect the original rights and obligations of our company. The original " Zhuhai Datang electronics co., ltd." all creditors rights and various legal instruments, such as contracts and cooperation agreements signed, are inherited by Zhuhai da electric co., ltd.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the change of the company name! Thank people from all circles for their long attention and support to my company. We will always provide you with quality products and professional services!

Zhuhai da electric co., ltd

8 April 2016

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